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This was six months in the making – what to do with it next though?

Figure This is open – Thames-side Gallery London SE18 5NR  12/11 -1/12

Pastel experiments continue…

Very pleased that my Kenneth Williams portrait raised a good amount of money at auction in Manchester for local  charities. Also pleased to discover it was bought by an artist whose work I admire.

Most of 2018 was devoted to painting very large collage based works. Hugely time consuming by my standards.

Two large scale commissions from 2017. Both equally demanding in their own ways.

Spent a lot of time recently exploring the potential of pastel drawing.

Both of these drawings are currently on view at Lubomirov Angus-Hughes Summer Salon, 26 Lower Clapton Road London E5 0PD until September 2nd



Hackney Wicked 2017 is Saturday July 29th, Sunday July 30th 12 – 6 pm  43 Dace Road London E3 2NG.                                                                                                                                                                  Art plus drinks. You know how it works by now.


I shall be exhibiting a large number of paintings and drawings at Stockport War Memorial Art Gallery later this year. It will be my largest exhibition to date comprising of all my war themed work from the past fifteen years. Many of my large paintings will be on show for the very first time.  The exhibition will run from October 23rd until November 29th.

Preview – Saturday 22nd October 2-4 pm.

The Great Game

This short film was made in the studio as part of a series about Hackney Wick

Next project – ISIS fighters facing execution…


Completed UKIP MEP portraits come together to form this…

1 UKIP group

Had a major rethink on the presentation/ paint surface of my sculptures

burnt charlesburnt Q 2

I’m in the process of developing larger sculptures exploring collapse and decay within social order.

chas 3


chas 2.1

I have been shortlisted for the Discerning Eye Drawing Bursary and will be on show at the Mall Galleries from November 13th until November 23rd

Ian Tomlinson

Mark Duggan Inquest

The Thin Blue Line

I have completed my BNP youth portraits (all seven are 56 x 51 cm).  Now I’m looking into ways of representing the script that they used in their film (without appearing too much like Bob and Roberta Smith!!)




Over the summer I’ve  been experimenting on heads in plasticine and in clay with a view to expanding or reassessing my habitual routines when working. I’m somehow looking to make the experience of handling the paint closer to that of working with clay. (Although the paintings currently in development are actually getting thinner).

Plasticine RembrandtLarge rembrandt


I have started work on a number of portraits of teenagers; they seem a to be a pretty regular bunch but they do have one thing in common. They appeared on a BNP election film earlier in the year.

Blame Academy

August 2nd and 3rd was Hackney Wicked weekend; around 1,400 people came to our studios. I was very pleased to have sold a few pieces although it does mean a bit of carpentry and presentation.

Why aren’t my boards pre-prepared with sub frames? I’m forever cutting things down as I change my mind about where the picture is going. Kenneth Williams here as Julius Caesar in ‘Carry On Cleo’ was once part of a double portrait.

Hackney Wicked

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